Captain Lokrash

Full Sail, Ye Dogs!


The warmistress Lokrash is a rarity among hobgoblins. In defiance of their normally partriarchal society, she shunned convention to become leader of her own warband. Leading her followers on a series of raids of coastal towns, she finally hit it big when she encountered a schooner marooned on a sandbar at low tide. Her unruly gang of goblins seized the vessel, and transitioned to full-on piracy. Since discovering her sea legs, Lokrash and her crew of goblinoids have preyed on merchant vessels throughout the Amaran Sea.

Her normal tactic is to use her ship’s great maneuverability to slip up on slower cargo ships before hoisting her colors and attacking. In their years of raiding, her crew has outfitted the schooner with a number of ballista. These are used to fire boarding lines and tethers into her targets, whereupon her gang of pirates will storm the ship, killing and looting at will. Particularly valuable passengers are sometimes captured for ransom, but commonly, the captured vessels are sunk with explosives or left derelict. Lokrash is haughty about her skills, but she realizes that any organized response would likely spell the end of her little band. Therefore, she refrains from leaving witnesses.

Of moderate attractiveness by hobgoblin standards, Lokrash escaped the typical cycle of forced marriage and matronhood by being nastier, trickier, and more vicious than any of her male cohorts. She’s become exceedingly fond of the pirate life, and regards her comandeered vessel, which she’s rechristened Nagh’rekhar, as her truest companion. Much less warmly regarded are her crew, who she treats with scorn and contempt. She will order her harried sailors into battle with no concern for their safety, and they respond out of fear of their captain’s temper.

Captain Lokrash

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