Captain Arol Stormscale

Legendary Terror of the High Seas


Eighty-some odd years ago, the seas around the Forbidding Coast were the hunting grounds of a vicious band of pirates known as the Lightning Raiders. Led by the fearsome dragonborn captain Arol Stormscale, these buccaneers would launch attacks on merchant ships from the treacherous rocks that give the Coast its name, then slink back to their lair to divide the plunder.

Stormscale first appeared in history as the first mate on a privateering vessel. Defeating his captain in a duel, he commandeered the ship and began a reign of terror that would impact local sea travel for years to come. From his flagship, the Blue Majesty, Stormscale would intercept ships, plunder their holds for treasure, then escape by navigating the imposing granite rocks back to his home base in the Trackless Fen. As time passed, the settlement became wealthy and Stormscale’s legend and power grew.

It is said that Captain Stormscale was a brutal combatant who would lead his crew into battle, breathing gouts of lightning and brandishing a massing bladed chain as a weapon. Crews that surrendered immediately were often spared, minus a handful of prisoners taken for ransom, to spread the legend of Stormscale’s might. Those that fought back were frequently killed save one survivor, who would be unceremoniously tossed into the surf, beaten and bloody, near a settlement, to tell the tale of his horrific captivity. Eventually, it was said that Stormscale commanded the clouds themselves, and the very tides would bow to him.

As Stormscale’s legend grew, a freebooting elvish captain, who claimed to have been a survivor of one of Stormscale’s earliest attacks, became determined to bring the pirate king to justice. Carlo Swiftknife skirmished several times with Stormscale, never defeating the dragonborn, but managing to force his retreat in several engagements.

Captain Stormscale disappeared on one raiding expedition. Wreckage from both the Blue Majesty and Swiftknife’s vessel was spotted near an unnamed archipelago, but neither captain was ever heard from again. Stormscale’s settlement grew into the village of Brackwash, and his personal lair, a tower on the nearby Captain’s Rock, became a reportedly- haunted ruin.

Captain Arol Stormscale

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