Canopius Vig

Dead Crazy


Many years ago, Canopius Vig was an adjunct professor at the Arcane Academy. His expertise was in necromantic magic, which was tolerated, if not encouraged. Frustrated with the code of ethics he was forced to comply with, Vig began a slow decline into madness that ended with him pledging his undying loyalty to the dark god Orcus. Resigning from the Academy in disgust, he began operating in secret, stealing corpses to continue his obscene studies.

Canopius is frighteningly insane. He believes that Orcus speaks to him personally, giving him dark knowledge of the future. In a cave in the Trackless Fen, Canopius is experimenting with vile curses and plagues. He seeks to build an army of the undead in Orcus’s name. He claims that this army will serve Orcus in some devastating future calamity. Despite his insanity, his skills as a necromancer are quite extensive. His blasphemous creations are varied in form and function, and numerous.

Vig avoids physical confrontation, preferring to hide behind his creations. He is not above ambushes, traps, or decoys to deter attackers. If pressed into combat, Vig keeps his servants between himself and assailants while he attacks from the rear with magic. Despite his slight frame, Canopius truly believes he is chosen by Orcus, and invincible. This will soon be put to the test.

Canopius Vig

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