Brotherhood of the Viper

A Real Snake Pit


The Brotherhood of the Viper is a sinister group of elves dedicated to the worship of Azemiops, the primal serpent. They purport to have sleeper agents secreted throughout the Janus Valley, and indeed may have other cells elsewhere. Their headquarters lays somewhere inside the elvish city of Hala Xel, though few are aware of thier existence.

Decades ago, a series of disappearances brought the Brotherhood to the attention of Xelian authorities. After a violent raid on a clutch of homes in an out-of-the-way grove, a dozen cultists were dead, including the supposed ringleader. The incident was offically dismissed as the work of a budding crime syndicate, and the ranger corps that staged the raid thought the matter finished. All-in- all, the incident was forgotten soon after.

In truth, the raid had been foretold by Fanglord Naj, and the attack was a means to remove the Brotherhood from the city’s radar. Naj lost a dozen initiates and a body double that day, but he and his most loyal followers crept into the caves beneath the city to gather their strength. Naj has foretold a time of troubles ahead, and believes that the power of Azemiops can be used as a weapon against those who oppose him.

Members of the Brotherhood come from all walks of life, and their numbers are unknown. Initiates tend to be trained in druidic magic, while a crack team of assasins neutralizes threats silently and efficiently. More elite members can have even more varied powers. Naj’s current top agents are Gaboon, a massive brawler of an elf, and Eunecta, a snickering witch covered in magical tattoos.

Brotherhood of the Viper

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