Barov Pestlerock

What's He Brewing?


The day Barov Pestlerock became a journeyman alchemist was the day that Hammerheim‘s merchant quarter had to be shut down until the fumes had cleared. Shortly thereafter, he was encouraged to ply his trade among the overworlders. Settling in Maynard’s Crossing, Barov launched a career brewing potions on a travelling cart. He found success, and eventually bought a store in the Southgate District, settled down, and began exhaustive experiments to create stronger, longer-lasting potions. He has put a personal spin on many recipes, and his goods speak for themselves.

Barov is flightier than most dwarves, a fact which makes others of his kind uncomfortable. At any given time, he’s likely to have four or five wildly different projects in motion in the middle of his shop. His sons pitch in, but even they sometimes get exasperated with having to keep up with it all.

Clients of Barov can expect to have to remind him of what they’re ordering from time to time. He’s easily sidetracked, but he’ll cheerfully explain the intricacies of his work while brewing up some of the finest elixers in Maynard’s Crossing.

Barov Pestlerock

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