Baron Eames

He'll Defend His Home. Even After Death.


Long ago, Baron Thomas Eames was just a risk-taking young soldier of minor noble blood. During a military action in the far-off Battle of Pizzik’s Field, Eames distinguished himself when he stormed an entrenched goblin position alone, slaying a commander and breaking the goblins’ left flank, which led to their eventual defeat.

Returning home, Eames was awarded a parcel of land on the outskirts of Maynard’s Crossing. He spent the rest of his life peacefully studying history, meeting visting representatives, and building a small family. He died with no heirs, and his properties were abandoned.

Buried beneath his lands, Eames was at peace. Until a group of kobolds took over the ruins of his home. His urge to protect what was his brought him back from beyond the veil of death. In his family crypt, the spectre of Baron Eames’s rage is growing. Until the quiet returns, he cannot rest. He will have peace again.

Baron Eames

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