Hates That He's Seen It All


In his numerous lifetimes, Azir has seen many strange and wonderous things. The old-souled deva settled in Maynard’s Crossing several years back and opened The Curiosityworks. There, he sells the considerable number of oddities, both magic and mundane, that he has collected. Some say that Azir was a traveller from far-off planes who needed a place to lie low. Others say he and his shop exist simultaneously in multiple cities around the world. Azir has heard all these rumors, but he seems content to let people speculate.

Visitors to Azir’s shop tend to find the old deva aloof and curt. In truth, it’s just that Azir has no interest in window shoppers. Show him a forgotten relic or a rare specimen, and his eyes light up. Azir views adventurers as a valuable source of both income and new goods, and encourages their patronage. His transactions over the years have led to a sizable network of contacts and collectors for those interested in dealing in rare or exotic goods.

On any given day, Azir can be found tending his shop and dusting his many shelves of esoteric curios. If you find a bit of magical ephemera, stop by and talk to him. The deva has a lot of knowledge he’s happy to share with those who draw his interest.


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