Tales From Janus Valley

The March on the Crossing

The Necromancer Dies Today

Arising after the previous day’s exertions, the party hustled for the lair of the necromancer Canopius Vig. The blockade they’d left had been carefully removed, and beyond lay a vast, empty hall. Empty, that is, except for unoccupied slabs and a single bloated zombie that kept mumbling to himself. Canopius had left a prerecorded message for the party, daring them to stop his attack on Maynard’s Crossing. As a final parting gift, the corpse swelled up and spewed contagion, infecting the gang with Canopius’s plague of undeath. Time was of the essence.

Hastily grabbing anything of value, the party followed Vig’s trail out the secret exit, finding that Southside was under attack by legions of the living dead. Between them and town sat dozens of zombies. Time to get to work. Krisella and Zed set about blasting the undead crowd when a volley of flasks of acid decimated the zombies’ numbers. Sergeant Gneiss had come to the rescue! The guards brought the party to their forward command post.

The situation was deteriorating. Vig’s plague was transmissible by zombie bite, and the initial attack had the town scrambing to contain the devastation. The guard had made several pushes to assault Vig’s position in the Oldtown Cemetary, but had been repulsed again and again. The party tried to convice the guards to let them make a try of it, but Gneiss and the others refused to throw away any more lives. The party finally convinced Gneiss of their intentions, and she, exasperated, agreed to provide what cover she could.

What followed was an all out sprint to the graveyard. Visok dropped his shoulders and powered through the undead’s ranks. Tanna left a trail of burning bodies as she carved a path, and Zed moved like lightning over and around everything in his path. As the gang regrouped at the cemetary, Krisella hopped down from a nearby rooftop, having avoided all that unpleasant business. With the undead in the city, the cemetary was eerily deserted. Tanna sensed magic at the cemetary center, and the stage was set for a final showdown.

Canopius Vig was gleefully painting runes on a bare skull, and stood within an enormous bloody sigil on the ground. Between him and the party were two gnawed-on former guards, each with large gems in their chest, and a pile of corpses. He welcomed the party warmly, greeting them as his future undead slaves. With a wave of his hand, the corpse pile stood up into a stiched-together monster he called “Gash,” and the fight was on!

Tanna and Visok moved to engage Gash while Zed and Krisella tried to get by Vig’s undead bodyguards. Zed got into position and opened up on Vig, but what’s this?! The Necromancer’s sigil was deflecting the damage onto the zombie guards! Zed spitefully took Gash out and closed to take another shot at Vig.

Gash arose again as Tanna and Krisella finished off the first guard. Gash arose, that is, only for Visok to hammer him right back to the ground. Zed launched another attack at Canopius, who mocked his wasted efforts. Zed took the head off the last zombie guard, and the necromancer started sweating. Gash arose once more, only for Visok to bury the abomination a third and final time.

Out of nowhere, Krisella jumped on Vig. Daggers flashed and the sound of crunching bone and tearing flesh filled the air. When it was all over, Vig was kneeling dazedly on the ground, and his guts were spread all over the clearing. The magistrate had been avenged.

As death closed on him, Vig made a final outraged petition of Orcus, swearing that he would have been ready for the Red Sky. Orcus didn’t want to hear it, and Canopius Vig died a gruesome death. Tanna ate his heart for good measure.

Vig’s plague was dispelled with his death, and the party felt their vitals returning. Without his magic to guide them, the zombie army was little more than shambling targets. The party strode off to help the guard clean up the streets.



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