Tales From Janus Valley

The Eternity Dilemma

Time Keeps on Slipping

Life was grand in D’Neen. Nothing was exploding, no one was invading, and no prophecies were being fulfilled. The party took a break from their strenuous schedule of lollygagging to assist Quintus Meridius with his report to Headmaster Temeridan pal’Cosi Elihu. The two were at odds, but the headmaster soon set about grilling Visok on his familial relations. He seemed to be describing a new project in the works when the ritual was interrupted by a transmission from Dashiel’s mysterious wizard friend. He told the party that he required their assistance with a matter of the utmost importance. Before anyone could voice their numerous objections, he had summoned them to his sanctum.

The party soon found themselves in the prescence of a being who identified himself as Eternity. Apparently, he was real. Real or not, it was clear that he wasn’t ordinary. Underneath the unassuming hood was the body of a creature that had seemingly forgotten how to be mortal. If the unnaturally smooth flesh and unmoving musculature wasn’t creepy enough, each of Eternity’s “eyes” held an infinite expanse of starlight. He “explained” the situation to the best of his ability.

Eternity, it seems, was likewise working to understand the Red Sky. In his case, the event represented a moment in which all timelines collapsed into a single point. For everyone else, it might represent the end of the world. Eternity was a confusing mess of doublespeak and awkward tenses, but he tried to make sense as best he could. In the present, the Arcane Academy lacked the strength to fight or even comprehend the Red Sky. Eternity believed that had an evil wizard named Ravan Romar been defeated in the past, the Academy of today would be stronger and better able to respond to the otherwordly threat. He had asked the party to travel back into the past and slay the wizard, and spare the future of his evil. The story checked out to Amare, who remembered the records of the Academy’s near destruction shortly after its founding. Eternity told Dashiel that he would be instrumental in locating the key to the wizard’s sanctum, which lay in the Feywild, within the domain of the The Lady in Autumn. The party soon found themselves on their way before they could agree.

After a rough landing, the heroes found themselves in the undeveloped wilderness of the Janus Valley. Their objective was a tower nearby, through a scorched patch of earth that marked the territory of Carod ir’Ignus. The dragon had no inclination to let them pass, and a fight ensued.

The dragon was a vicious melee combatant, but his fiery breath was decidedly less than impressive. The party wasted no time in surrounding him and attacking from all sides. It looked like the deal was sealed when the dragon unleashed an earthshaking roar that knocked the party senseless. The dragon took to the air and was ready to send the party up in smoke. When he turned around to incinerate the lot of them, he was greeted with a shock. Krisella had only feigned being stunned and had sprinted over to knife fight a dragon. Her daggers couldn’t pierce the wyrm’s hide, but the dragon was so perplexed that he couldn’t get a bead on the nimble rogue. It bought the rest of the party time to recover, and Visok announced their return with a critical hammer smash that splintered the dragon’s wing. Zed wasn’t about to be shown up, and within moments was laying into the dragon, striking from all sides. Amare, her aegis having spun the dragon around throughout the fight, finally leashed its neck to the ground, and Dashiel finished it off with two arrows through its eyesocket.

The tower seemed eerily quiet. A slight burst of teleportation magic put the party on guard. Inside the structure, the only prescence was seemingly an old man, chained to the wall and pleading for help. Dashiel and Zed saw through the “old man”’s illusion, and Dashiel opened fire on the figure behind it. As the arrows struck, another teleportation spell activated, and in jumped five of the robed group that the party had encountered once before.

Their adversaries were vicious. The one that had been in hiding was first to fall, his blade made of twisting tendrils having failed to protect him from a hail of arrows. The others displayed sinister powers. One was fast and had exceedingly dense flesh. One carried bone knives and could dissolve into mist. One conjured devastating beams of intense silver light, and the last could turn the party against each other and wreathe his own allies’ weapons in a halo of flames. The battle was brutal, with Amare fending off strikes from the flame-handed attacker while Krisella found herself contending with the small one’s vicious daggers. Dashiel launched into a flurry of arrows that dropped two of the targets. Zed unleashed a flurry of strikes to all sides of the light-emitting one before launching his body away. Visok expended all his healing resources to keep the party alive before lodging his hammer in the spine of the final assailant. He spat out a few cryptic threats before died, vanishing like the others.

The party was left in a bare tower. In the floor, they discovered a very faint inset ring that marked an arcane gate. Dashiel steeled himself and vanished into the feywild to try and find the key…



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