Tales From Janus Valley

Once More Unto the Space

and also Dashiel's Day Out

Dashiel found himself at a garden party being thrown by none other than the illustrious Lady in Autumn. Various elite of the Fey social circles had gathered for cocktails, idle chatter, and to goggle at some of the Lady‘s numerous objects d’art. Dashiel was blending in thanks to the garb of a Royal Guard Sergeant, helpfully provided by the mysterious Eternity. The enigmatic being had told him to look for a key, but what exactly does a key to open an extraplanar portal look like? There were orbs, statuary, singing crystals, a clock, paintings… but nothing that screamed “key.” Complicating matters was the fact that his arrival had apparently been detected, and other guards were insisting that he try to locate “the intruder.” His efforts now impeded, Dashiel drew the attention of a guard captain that was too curious for his own good. It looked like the jig was up when the gnomish wizard at the Lady’s right hand intervened.

The gnome introduced himself as Magister Khalid Kashem, and he sensed that Dashiel was both a stranger and pursuing his own ends. He offered to let the ranger go, on the grounds that he wanted to see how events would play out. Dashiel accepted, but asked if the Magister could point him towards some kind of magic key. Smirking, the gnome suggested he talk to the clock, and left to rejoin the Lady.

The clock, it turned out, was home to a clockwork fairy named Kee, because of course she was. She promised to open Ravan Romar’s portal, in exchange for passage back to the prime. Dashiel agreed, and after a tight escape, found himself back in the abandoned tower. The party stepped through the now-open portal and found themselves once again in Unspace.

The pocket dimension looked a little less shabby here in the past. There were more roads and structures, the air felt fresher, and also, there was a crazy wizard’s hologram to greet them. Ravan Romar welcomed the party cordially, before siccing a bunch of clay golems on them. The constructs weren’t very threatening, but they were numerous, and it took the party a while before the last one was sent tumbling into the infinity that was Unspace. That left the party on the floating walkways. To everyone’s surprise, Amare found she could manipulate them. The party made for the low-slung building Kee indicated, only to be distracted by the strains of “The Merry Golden Goblin.” The drinking tune was being played by a bard, Sauvignon, who was quite distressed. Like the party, his troupe of adventurers had been recruited by Eternity, but had met with ill success. He’d gotten trapped on a floating rock, and for some reason, his magic had failed him. The group rescued him, and soon stumbled upon one of his companions, none other than the mighty barbarian Varris. The growing band stepped inside the structure, heeding Kee’s warning not to touch anything.

Ravan Romar‘s living quarters, while tastefully decorated, held a dark secret. Every surface was enchanted to drop trespassers into an enchanted maze. Kee took the party to a portal that would bring them to the wizard’s workshop. The soft sounds of sobbing distracted the party. Another adventurer, Mazel, had teleported herself inside a room and was babbling about the loss of her own magic and the disappearance of her cohort Keto. Dashiel convinced her to come outside, and the frightened eladrin girl emerged. Kee and Amare activated the portal, and the group stepped through…

Into the maze. DAMN YOU, WIZARD! He’d changed his security, it seemed. No matter. Kee knew there was an exit to the maze… except the missing Keto suddenly appeared. The Warden normally called upon nature spirits to inhabit his body, granting him incredible abilities. In a place completely devoid of nature… something else was inhabiting him. The entity looked to be made of diaphanous wisps of arcane energy, given malevolent form. Keto was trapped inside, fighting for control. The party tried to navigate the maze, skirmishing with the entity until Visok and Varris tired of running. The combined groups made their stand, and entered a prolonged slog of a battle with the creature. The tables turned when Amare successfully ripped Keto out of the entity. The weakened creature fought a while longer until Varris forcibly donned the creature and became a draconic juggernaut. The unstoppable titan powered through the walls of the maze, eventually arriving at the portal, before the entity rejected Varris. Visok smote the creature, and the party was free. Kee fired up this portal, confidant that it would lead to Ravan’s workshop.

The party found themselves at the foot of the terraced structure where they battled the beholder Sclerex months ago and centuries from now. Huge arcane devices were channeling ongodly amounts of magical energy, and the very air crackled with power. In front of a rack of esoteric machinery stood the wizard Ravan Romar, who dared them to face him. “Come and get me…”



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